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What is swchit?

Ever had trouble installing a dual mode toilet tank or HET? Ever marveled at how expensive these efficiency-increasing products can be? Well, worry no more- swchit is an easy-to-install, cheap solution to making your toilet tank more efficient. With an adjustable handle and compact design, it will fit perfectly into any toilet tank and save you water as well as money. Conservation shouldn't be an expensive hassle- switch to swchit today!

Why swchit?

California has been in a drought or near-drought conditions throughout the past decade. Unfortunately, it hasn't been the only area affected by a water shortage- as cities like Dallas, Bangalore, and Cape Town face the possibility of encountering Day Zero within the next decade, something has to change. Current water saving solutions are often expensive and time-consuming- which makes them less than ideal for the typical consumer. Swchit is sold for less than one fifth the average price and installation cost of a dual-mode toilet tank while accomplishing the same goal in a user-friendly fashion. Swchit users can just pop it into their toilet tanks and they are all set to go! Imagine how much water we could conserve if it was just that easy... 

How can I get one?

As of now, swchit is still in the pre-manufacturing phase. Our plan is to distribute a few 3D printed models for further testing- if you'd like to be one of our trial households, feel free to contact us through the main page!